This courseware has been developed with NSF support, by partners at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the University of Texas, Dallas , over a three year period. The product includes twenty-four interactive learning modules and two educational technologies. The results from the project's formal assessment and evaluation activities indicate that use of the interactive materials and students' understanding of key concepts.

All modules and technologies operate within a browser environment, and can be used in multiple learning situations as:

  • Visualizations to illustrate basic concepts in traditional lectures;
  • Supporting exercises/explorations within a studio classroom environment;
  • Virtual experiments in a laboratory situation;
  • Out-of-class study supplements for independent learners; and
  • A tool for structuring homework problems.

The learning technologies can be used in conjunction with the modules and include:

  1. Scribe: a means to capture, review and modify a student’s use of an interactive learning module.
  2. WebTeam: a tool that allows interactive, collaborative exploration, design and testing via the Internet.